My name is Helena, and I’m an undergraduate student at Boise State University, with a major in Geophysics, and a GIS minor.
Overseeing sand and gravel mining, age 2.
My main geologic interests include: volcanology, speleology, vulcanospeleology, seismology, petroleum exploration, and anything relating to Antarctica. I'm also interested in physics, astronomy, cosmology, sociology, history, and photography. I have a background in theater, film making, and classical literature/philosophy from Plato to Shakespeare.
Mixing up some cave-safe cement.
Some of my more interesting experiences include witnessing a space shuttle launch at a NASA Tweetup, being a park ranger, doing cave restoration in Oregon, learning about cave management in Idaho, being a production assistant on a movie, circumnavigating the West via train, visiting radioactive caves, exploring Mt. St. Helens, breaking down in the Nevada desert, writing a couple books, and navigating France without knowing French.
Rapelling into a cave in Idaho.
This blog's primary aim is a discussion of the geology that I learn about and experience, in both words and (many) pictures. Most topics will be covered at an introductory level, and presented as though to a lay audience, but, as my education progresses, detailed explanations and interpretation thereof will increase.
However, this blog's secondary aims include: documenting interesting travels, showcasing lovely photographs, and writing about anything else I find interesting.

Sometimes, I just like to post pictures of flowers.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit! Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or criticism in the comments section, or send me an email at helena.heliotrope at gmail.com.