Monday, June 15, 2009

1a: Truth (with Guest Speaker.)

What follows is a conversation between two giants - nay, legends - of philosophy, regarding the fundamental difference between two distinct perspectives of Truth: the Fluid Conception, and the Concrete Conception.
(Note: Neither of these Conceptions have anything to do with the Immaculate Conception, or the technical aspects of the origin of Souls in Aristotle's "On the Soul." Give me a break.)
Thusly, I present:

On Truth
With the Pinnacles of Modern Philosophy:
  • Helena The author of this blog. Studied philosophy for two wretched years before disserting to the Elyssian Fields of Geology.
  • SD: My beastie bestie (best friend). Studied philosophy for 1.5 even wretched-er years before fleeing to a land of paint & puppies Art & Animal Advocacy.

12:35am: Helena: But I don't possess social graces?
12:35am: SD:Nah, still assert you're socially adept, babe.
12:43am: Helena: Socially lame.
12:43am: SD: Only so if you think so. Think otherwise & it'll be so. We create our own cosmos. (Realizing this is one source of my recent optimism.)
12:44am: Helena: WHAT?
12:44am: SD: What what?
12:44am: Helena: The cosmos does not bend to the will of individuals.
12:45am: SD: That it does, love, that it does.
12:45am: Helena: There are facts and laws upon which the world is based.
12:45am: SD: Your age-worn empiricism'll do nothing to cripple that unerring beauty that one woman can create.
12:45am: Helena:
One of which happens to be that I am socially inept.
12:45am: SD: Make it otherwise!
12:45am: Helena: But, by your own assertion, there is beauty in truth.
12:45am: SD: But truth is relative.
12:48am: Helena: Most truths are not relative, however.
12:48am: SD: Would argue that truths about one's person who most always subject to flux.
12:49am: Helena: (Give me about 10 min: kitten has pooped in corner again. Must point fellow to box & clean up.)
1:08am: Helena: Anyway.
1:09am: Helena:
Truths about one's person may slowly change over time, based on outside interferences: that does not mean that truthful perceptions of said truth at any given time can vary.
1:11am: Helena: WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY BRILLIANCE? God. It's like you have a life and hobbies other than me.
1:30am: SD: (decided to take a walk in my absence, some such nonsense.)
- Fini -

We're like the next Plato/Socrates.
But who gets to be the Overbearing Wino Boy-lover, and who gets to be the Silent Transcribing Wino Boy-lover?


Paul said...

Mabye you can be both?

In other news, I think it is possible to completely change a truth about yourself. I've done it. It does take time, and it takes dedication, but it can be like flipping a switch. Sometimes. Mabye.

helena.heliotrope said...

I can't say I've had much luck with self-begun changes - but I don't have much self-control, so...The weirdest thing is when something changes without your knowledge or attention.But I find that, usually, at one's core, one remains the same.

helena.heliotrope said...

I still cannot comprehend why this trivial piece of philosophic fluff is the second most visited page on my blog, nor why it continues to receive hits every month.