Saturday, February 6, 2010

Freeze Your Computer

Some pictures from the last few months, in roughly chronological order:
My mum's post-Thanksgiving table.
It's becoming difficult to remember who the baby is.
These days, I hardly eat anything I don't cook myself. Hence, if I don't want to cook, I don't eat, and my pants are starting to not fit.
As a early christmas present, my parents got me a new computer! Thank god, as the old one was taking ~15min. to boot!
Discovery Park with the geology club.
The Olympia Formation, as seen at Discovery Park.

Trains on the way to Eugene.
The Eugene train station bathroom combines some of my favorite tile patterns: hexagonal honeycomb, greek key, wee squares, and subway.
A farm in the fog, on the way to the caves.
Learning lessons the hard way: don't mix concrete with bare hands.
Bought my dream car for $500! Granted, it needs a new fuel pump. But it's so exciting!
Knit woolen wristwarmers, in the only variegated yarn I've ever really liked. Learned how to use double pointed needles!
Gave up on carrying around a stylish messenger bag, and instead acquired a 32liter daypack for $50 (1/2 price!) It carries everything imaginable, without giving me scoliosis.


Katharyn said...

loved the photo's.

Congrats on the double pointed knitting needles! (see, it's not that complicated, you just pretend that they're connected). - Are on a member of

helena.heliotrope said...

Yep! As helenaheliotrope - I've been a "member" for awhile, but have only recently begun to actually use it. It seems like a pretty awesome site, and I like that it allows people to trade patterns independently while still getting paid - though, as a broke college student, I can't say it's exactly convenient for me. Honorable, though.