Sunday, March 6, 2011

Accretionary Wedge #32: Carnival of Blogs

Ann at Ann's Musings on Geology & Other Things is hosting March’s Accretionary Wedge, with the special Mardi Gras theme of a parade of favorite geology pictures!

It’s always hard to pick a favorite geology picture, but this wintery Crater Lake panorama tops my list right now. Crater Lake is one of my favorite places, and it was exciting to visit in the winter! The perfect mirroring effect was particularly stunning. In person, the sky and water were the same color, making the caldera look like an arch in the sky.



Gaelyn said...

An excellent shot of a Most Beautiful place! I love the surrounding landscape also. Great geology!

Hope all is well in school.

Anonymous said...

Utterly glorious! I can see yet another place I'm going to have to go on holiday.

Ann said...

Thank you Helena, for making the parade so special. This was a beautiful picture to include. The parade is up at the Accretionary Wedge site.

Katharyn said...

You've been nominated for a stylish blogger award back at while the tea is steeping.