Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Retina update holla.

So, my surgery was good and really, quite painless. (It was my first surgery, so I didn't know what to expect from the whole procedure.)
It's the recovery that's being a pain.
Not even the pain, so much, as the inconvenience of a large gas bubble floating about my eye, the pain of the swollen eye-lid, and the bright-red blood-shot eye that oozes grossness.
I also get these wicked headaches in class: it starts as mere confusion, in my first class. Then, after my second, the headache begins in my front right cortex, pain being send directly from the eye that pissed at having to focus on white boards coated in light. Eventually, it begins to feel as though someone has hit me with a brick. I'd like to look away, buuut I can't be rude and stop paying attention, especially with the chem professor who already hates me. Next, the headache progresses down into my jaw, driven by the Tylonol-Ibepropheun combo I've downed, and will linger there until bedtime. By evening, even a dose of hated Percoset doesn't cut the pain in my jaw.

But, on the upside, I can see the board. We started electricity, which I'm finding surprising interesting, as well as the new-fangled integral in calculus class. Chemistry will never not suck, but I'm determined to get my C without letting another professor who hates me give me another head trip. If it were really that hard, it wouldn't be a 100-level class.
Necessary as all those might be, none of them are as interesting as the GSA bookstore magazine. I'm REALLY excited to buy "Kinematics and Dynamics of Lava Flows." How awesome is that?

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