Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fort Rock Pictures!

Obligatory Retina Update: My eye is doing well, and I even managed to pass the Driver's Licensing eye test. It only gets tired after studying/being in class for several hours. That makes life a little difficult, but hey, I'm not blind. (!)

These are all from Fort Rock, a really nice tuff ring out in Eastern Oregon. It's the remnants of a volcano that erupted many times through a lake, producing a ring of layered tuff that was then eroded by the lake. I visited there last summer on the way to Jordan Craters (a small lava field with several cinder cones, also in Eastern Oregon.) It was fascinating to learn more about phreatomagmatic (lava + water) eruptions. Also, it was gorgeous!

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Elyse said...

Good to hear from you! And the same to you, regarding your awesome blog, by the way! It contains the same wealth of knowledge and natural ease of wit that used to flow out of your mouth in high school, hehe, something I miss very much. I'm glad your eye is healing!! How scary. My dad had something similar happen recently. Though less severe, it was still scary, so I understand!