Saturday, January 29, 2011

Claymation, Bicycles, Velociraptors, and my Sister

This is the video I made for my sister’s cancer charity! The creation of this really was a family effort, involving both my parents, myself, and two of my uncles. Watching the claymation mitosis come together from 175 individual images was incredible. When I was younger, I attended a summer film camp for girls, and it was nice to see that I hadn’t lost all the skills I learned there. It took a looong time to get up to speed on the new editing software, sort through all the clips, and polish it into a finished product, but I’m really quite pleased with the final results.

Even if you can’t afford or don’t wish to donate to her cause, you should follow her twitter or tumblr, because she’s going to be posting exciting things as she travel across the country!

Plus, she’s probably going to cure cancer someday, so you might want to just learn her name now. When they finally name element 118, it’ll be “Rosemarium.”

1 comment:

Dana Hunter said...

Wonderful! Now inspired - can't wait for May!

And Rosemarium - awesome name for element 118!