Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Montana, Chert, and the 1960s.

Two years ago, this rock really caught my eye while I was caving in the Madison Group of Montana.
First of all, there’s a nifty calcite or gypsum encrusted pocket, which looks much like a sparkly pothole…
(My assumption is that this formed as water seeped through the limestone into a small hole, and then crystallized on the hole’s walls.)
Then there’s the missing chunk, which gives a nice look at a crazy banded chert nodule.
If that chert nodule embodies John Lennon’s “Magical Mystery Tour” era, this nearby chert nodule is more Jackie Kennedy:
Way to keep it classy, chert.


Gaelyn said...

Love the patterns in the chert. I see pockets of calcite crystals in the Kaibab limestone at the canyon. And the chert nodules there formed from algae beds. Very cool.

Hope school is going well.

Dana Hunter said...

Pretty! And loving the 60s vibe there!

canadian said...

going well.